Students Fighting Guns Since Adults Won

Students Fighting Guns Since Adults Won't

Julia Kemple started this petition to Representative Fred Upton and 6 others

Adults have failed us. Everyday, we students walk into school with the promise of an education without threat of violence. However, it has become increasingly clear that hallways of schools across America are no longer a guaranteed safe haven. Whether it's an elementary school in small-town Connecticut or a high school in Florida, it's become apparent that school shootings are becoming an expected part of American life. Since 2013, there have been 291 school shootings, with 18 of them happening in 2018 alone. We simply ask how many shootings will it take, how many innocent children have to die, until adults decide we, as our nation's children, are more important than our nation's guns. Therefore, we ask our fellow students to take it upon ourselves to stand up as our adults remain sitting. We demand change.

While most students cannot vote, we are not voiceless to our society. There are about 56 million K through 12 students in the United States. If we mobilize this population -- by signing petitions, contacting lawmakers, and utilizing social media -- we can make our presence felt. Ultimately, our goal is to pressure lawmakers to make comprehensive and responsible gun control policy to keep our schools and society safe. 

It's not a matter of if anymore, it's a matter of when we will be affected.  

Students For Gun Legislation

Someday real soon our children can run to clean up our country. I am pleased to help them live, please also sign?


Shillong, Meghalaya, India

Welcome to our visitor from Shillong, Meghalaya, India

From another very good information link at

Muddy Links

Muddy Link is more of an archaeology site, a place to help you explore the past.

Scientific study of ancient cultures through the examination of their material remains such as buildings, graves, tools, and other artifacts.

We have been please to be included for many years.

Because our site is more of an anthropology and information about our culture, ceremonies and our ancestors.

By the use of both sites we hope that all of your interests have been answered?

If not please feel free to ask questions.

Lately and without an apology, we have been throwing in some politics to ward off, this evil spirit now in control of our governments, both state and federal!

Please bear with this while learning about our people?

This land (Native American Country)

needs to pray itself back to (Creator Rule)!



(Taw-but-ni ) Thank - You, Minister Chris

(Taw-but-ni ) Thank - You Minister Chris

Chris and Carol Presbyterian minister, do not pretend to be Christians, they just do the work of ‘Good Christians’!

A clear crisp understanding of what the ‘First People of the Land’ have been going through almost since ‘First Contact’!

A refreshing blessing from Creator, in today world of ‘pompous wannabes’, with a chip on their shoulders!

Not sure of this as a fact however, that is not the point of the posting.

“North Carolina has the largest number of Native Americans of any state east of the Mississippi one estimate says there are 100,000. Of the eight tribes recognized here, the Eastern Band of Cherokee is the only one officially acknowledged as a sovereign nation by the federal government’.

Chris Highland served as a Protestant minister and interfaith chaplain for nearly 30 years. He is a teacher, writer, free-thinker and humanist celebrant. Chris and his wife, Carol, a Presbyterian minister, live in Asheville. Learn more at chighland.com

Highland Views:

Searching for the heartbeat & drumbeat of Native America

Chris Highland, Highland Views Published 7:06 a.m. ET Feb. 10, 2018

Chris Highland (Photo: Courtesy photo)

If I had a comment I would just say, please do not look at skin color of facial to determine a Native Americas, look as you do all of the people that you minister to, ‘look into their heart!

Once again I must ask this government

“What gives you the right to tell our people anything to do with our culture, ceremonies and/or ancestors, besides the fact that you are a group of ‘bullies 'and we are still living in Native American Country in spite of every time you have tries to end us!”

Welcome once again to my friends from France

Welcome once again to my friends from France

I hope that I did not confuse any of my friends/visitors from across the ocean with this last post?

Last of the Cherokee-Shawnee Indians


Sorry about the Google messages, this is a ‘free site’ and a very good site at that!

Google has been very good to this old warrior so I hope that all of my friends return ask questions and enjoy my stumbling through life often?

I have been receiving visits from Korea for years now about this film and can find no way and no one to help find out what they are looking for so that maybe I can help answer any question?

Yesterday’s post was yet another attempt to help.


I have seen this film a few times, because people keep asking questions about parts of it and I wish to give the best answer possible ever though it has been a bit of a thorn in the side while watching so many liberties with the truth of the history of Native Americas in general, my people in particular.

If you have questions please ask.
Shechaim Ohjieshan Walkingfox


Last of the Cherokee-Shawnee Indians

Cherokee-Shawnee Indians

I cannot get my visitors from Korea to the main website of our people to understand that, although each fictional character in the fictional “Last of the Mohicans” are real people, each is acting the part and only acting!

Daniel Day Lewis did not hunt of kill a single Mohiigan Indian!

Sir Daniel Michael Blake Day-Lewis is an English actor who holds both British and Irish citizenship.

Born and raised in London
and is not a Native American!

Sachem Unkac (Uncas) did not die from any Indians!

Sachem Unkas lived a good healthy life and walked the crossing with the ancestor!

Russell Charles Means, I am proud to call one of his friend, was an Oglala Lakota!

Eric Schweig
is an Inuit
Ojibwe/Anishinaabe Indigenous
Canadian actor!

The capture and rescue of Jemima Boone and the Callaway girls is a famous incident in the colonial history of Kentucky.

They were captured by a Cherokee-Shawnee raiding party and rescued by Daniel Boone and his party, celebrated for their success.

The incident was portrayed in 19th-century literature and paintings:

Created a fictionalized version of the episode in his novel

The incident was the subject of a painting entitled 

The Abduction of Boone's Daughter by the Indians (c. 1855)


Abduction of Boone's Daughter, 1855-56, detail, Amon Carter Museum of American Art

He is known for an early painting of a colonial incident:

his The Abduction of Boone's Daughter by the Indians (1855-1856), a depiction of the 1776 capture near Boonesborough, Kentucky of Jemima Boone and two other girls by a Cherokee-Shawnee raiding party.

A special (Thank-you
to Donna
for pointing this out to me yesterday